Friday, November 18, 2016

13" vs. 15" MacBook Pro

Curtis Herbert:

I didn’t think 15" would make a huge difference, but I’ve almost doubled my canvas area when I’m on the go. I can actually see an entire view controller at a time without collapsing panels. Of course, this doesn’t hold a candle to what I work in when I’m at my desk on my 27" external monitor.

I still miss the 17-inch MacBook Pro.

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Me, too. My second-ever laptop was the aluminum 17" PowerBook G4 (Rev B); I remember being able to have a text document, a browser window, and irc all open at useable sizes at once on that thing. I hauled it back and forth a lot and didn't notice the weight very much (I think it was far lighter than the much smaller 13" Wallstreet it replaced). My MBPs have been 15", which have been adequate, but I can't imagine trying to much development work in 13"!

@Smokey With the new 13" MacBook Pro (*), the screen size is not the only issue when it comes to development work. The keyboard is quite a disaster. So basically, it's a mobile device on which one can't type a lot without an external keyboard (and an adapter of course).

* probably the 15" too, but I've juste tested the 13" model

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