Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Beautifully Annoying Siri Remote

Ken Segall:

Like the hockey puck, you can’t tell what direction the Siri Remote is facing when you pick it up. You have a 50-50 chance of getting it right, and therefore a 50-50 chance of hitting the wrong button.


Like the ill-fated touch-sensitive iPod, the Siri Remote’s touchpad makes it way too easy to screw up your viewing by accident. All it takes is the slightest brush of a finger when handling it.

And, though the touchpad is a cool thing, it is oftentimes not nearly as quick and accurate as physical directional buttons would be.

Update (2016-10-31): Marcel Weiher:

tvOS 10.0 broke volume on Siri remote so you had to config every time. 10.1 broke it further so even config doesn’t work!!

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In my observations, 100% of people who publicly lament the Siri remote's ability to navigate menus are completely unaware that tapping (not clicking) the four side edges of the trackpad works just like arrow keys that move the selector one step at a time.

I've put a rubber band around the bottom as an orientation aide.

It should, by design, ignore the initial touch.. drives me out of my mind, tend to use my Sony TV remote to control my Apple TV because of this design flaw

I actually found that volume *finally* works for my receiver, consistently. Prior versions just failed to manipulate the volume.

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