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An Ode to the 11-inch MacBook Air

Serenity Caldwell:

After 6 years of faithful service, that 11-inch model is now dead, killed by Apple, the 12-inch MacBook, and increasingly thinner MacBook Pros. I’ll miss it dearly.

Seeing the writing on the wall, I bought one right after the 12-inch MacBook was announced. It’s still going strong and one of my favorite Macs ever. Nothing that Apple makes today has close to that combination of price, power, ports, and size.


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[…] I would have thought so, but the MacBook starts at $1,299, the $999 MacBook Air hasn’t been updated in 785 days, and the $899 MacBook Air was discontinued. […]

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[…] more susceptible to accidental input, and the $1,199 base price (up from $999 and $899 for the 11-inch). And that doesn’t include the dongles you’ll have to buy to connect the same […]

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