Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Mac OS 9 Odyssey

Richard Moss (via Rosyna Keller):

But as hard as it may be to believe in light of yet another OS X macOS update, there are some who still use Apple’s long-abandoned system. OS 9 diehards may hold on due to one important task they just can’t replicate on a newer computer, or perhaps they simply prefer it as a daily driver. It only takes a quick trip to the world of subreddits and Facebook groups to verify these users exist.

Certain that they can’t all be maniacs, I went searching for these people. I trawled forums and asked around, and I even spent more time with my own classic Macs. And to my surprise, I found that most of the people who cling staunchly to Mac OS 9 (or earlier) as a key component of their daily—or at least regular—workflow actually have good reason for doing so.

Rachel Simone Weil (tweet):

This hardcover book, published in 1997, tells the history of Apple Computer through one-off and low-run t-shirts made for internal programs, conferences, product teams, or just for fun. These shirts reflect the attitudes and culture within Apple in the 1980s and 1990s, and show off unique unreleased products and demos like SegaMac (!!!).

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