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Monday, September 26, 2016

OmniFocus 2.7

The Omni Group:

This release adds the ability to specify an encryption passphrase separate from your sync password. Don’t set a separate passphrase until you are running at least OmniFocus 2.16 on all of your iOS devices and OmniFocus 2.7 on all of your Macs.


This release also updates OmniFocus for Mac’s pasteboard format to match the TaskPaper format used by OmniFocus for iOS and makes other improvements to sharing and exporting[…]

I really like the option to use the TaskPaper format, but it often gets in the way because I’m copying and pasting a single line of text for further processing. For example, I’m merging two actions in OmniFocus, entering a URL into a non-default browser, or moving an action into FogBugz. In cases like this, the hyphen-space is unwanted, and it’s an extra step to delete it. There is a hidden preference to omit TaskPaper tags (such as the OmniFocus context) when copying, but that doesn’t address the hyphen issue. In my opinion, copying in TaskPaper format should be a separate menu command, with the regular command copying only the text that’s shown—like in other Mac apps.

Previously: OmniFocus Now Supports End-to-End Encryption.

Update (2016-10-10): Version 2.7.2 implements my suggestion:

Reverted the change that made TaskPaper text the default pasteboard format, and added a new Copy as TaskPaper menu item that always includes full TaskPaper details and copies the children of a selected item, but only if they are visible. So you won’t ever accidentally get completed or filtered items, and you can collapse a parent item if you don’t want to copy its children.

Mac Terminal Tips

Brent Simmons:

Magic I just learned: in Terminal, do a thing with output (like ls), then do cmd-shift-A.

This selects the output of the previous command.

Jeff Nadeau:

Cmd-Ctrl-V. Pastes text fully escaped, including spaces.

Jordan Rose:

Cmd-Up is still my favorite new (El Cap) Terminal feature.

This scrolls you back up to the previous command.

Chris Page:

In Terminal, adding Shift for these commands extends the selection, just like in an editor.

Dave DeLong:

Don’t forget that two-finger scrolling now works w/ less, man pages, etc…

Jeff Nadeau:

Yup and you can toggle mouse reporting with ⌘R. I do it a lot with tmux.

Chris Page:

You can also use the Fn modifier when clicking or dragging, to interact with the terminal view.

Justin Miller:

The basics of marking in Explains those gutter marks!


Anyone knows what’s Paste Selection?

Jordan Rose:

Seems to be more “Insert Selection”. Takes what’s selected and puts it at the cursor w/o changing clipboard.


So a selection-specific pasteboard in Terminal. Reminds me of selecting to copy during my linux days.

Chris Page:

The selection pasteboard is named “” and is public.

Previously: Craig’s Terminal Tips.

Rich Siegel Interview

I enjoyed this two-part interview with Rich Siegel:

We talk to Rich about how he got started with BBEdit, how he’s using free apps and trials with his products, and even get an update on how things are going since he pulled his apps from the Mac App Store.

The merging of TextWrangler and BBEdit seems like a great idea, probably overdue.

Today we talk to Rich about the value of providing excellent customer support, why indies might want to consider building and selling professional tools, and the basic business skills that every indie needs.

Bare Bones sets the standard for reliability and customer support, which helps to explain their longevity.

Update (2016-09-30): See also: Siegel’s talk.

Update (2017-03-06): Zac Hall (TidBITS, MacRumors):

Bare Bones Software announced this week it will no longer develop new versions of its free code editor app TextWrangler. While the software will continue to work barring any future show stopping bugs, Bare Bones says it won’t release updates to TextWrangler for the next version of macOS.