Tuesday, August 16, 2016

iTunes Connect Reporter

Apple just sent me an e-mail about its Reporter tool:

Reporter is a Java-based, command-line tool you can use to download your Sales and Trends and Payments and Financial reports. Autoingestion is an older tool that works like Reporter. But newer and expanded functionality will only be available in Reporter, so we recommend using this tool from now on.

Craig Hockenberry:

Alex, I’ll take Bad Ideas for $1000:

“Requires a cleartext Apple ID password in a file.”

The thing that’s most frustrating about all of this is that we really want a RESTful API for this info. Would be easier to harden, too.

Update (2016-08-18): fedoco:

This script mimics the official iTunes Connect Reporter by Apple which is used to automatically retrieve Sales- and Financial Reports for your App Store sales. It is written in pure Python and doesn’t need a Java runtime installation. Opposed to Apple’s tool, it can fetch iTunes Connect login credentials from the macOS Keychain in order to tighten security a bit. Also, it goes the extra mile and unzips the downloaded reports.

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