Sunday, June 12, 2016

Facebook Threatens to Delete Photos If Users Don’t Download Moments App

Jacob Kastrenakes (via Hamish Sanderson):

That syncing tool has now been moved out of the core Facebook app and into the photo app Moments. Facebook made it clear that this would happen — and in fact it happened months back, seemingly without much pushback. What Facebook was less clear about was what would happen to photos that had previously been synced.

At the time, Facebook mentioned that people would be given the chance to download their pictures in a zip file if they didn’t want to move over to Moments. Now it’s clear that offering is because Facebook intends to completely delete synced photos if people don’t download this new app.

Mark Wilson (via Slashdot):

This has understandably led to panic installations of Moments as people sought to protect the photos that have been automatically synchronized from their phone. It’s important to note that it is only these synced photos that are at risk, but it’s clear that there is an element of confusion about what Facebook is planning to delete. The email the company is sending out to users[…] The email is very poorly worded, and almost has the feeling of spam to it.

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