Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What to Do When the Mac App Store App Just Spins and Spins

TJ Luoma:

Recently I found myself in a bind: the Mac App Store app on my Retina MacBook would launch, but would not show me anything except a little spinning circle near the top-left corner. I left it like that overnight and when I came back the next morning it was still spinning. Fixing it was tricky, even for an experienced Mac user like myself, so I thought I’d share what worked for me in case you ever find yourself in that situation.

His fix was to show the debug menu, use it to open the hidden downloads folder, delete that folder, and then (required) reboot the Mac.

This is also yet another problem with Mac software that will never show up in crash logs, because the app never crashed, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t broken. I hope Apple is more aware of this type of problem than they sometimes appear to be.

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The fix for me when I hade this problem was to kill the process "storeassetd".

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