Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Big iPad Pro

Katie Floyd:

After spending time with the iPad Pro, there’s no doubt that it is a remarkable piece of engineering, and it is unquestionably the right device for some. Perhaps as a laptop replacement, perhaps as a better iPad, perhaps just as a supplemental device or even a second iPad. But for me, it’s none of those things. I’m glad I tried it, and I learned several things along the way. Here’s my tale of two weeks with an iPad Pro.


Probably the biggest problem with the iPad Pro was it was just too darn big. I found the iPad wasn’t comfortable to use in places where I typically like to use an iPad. The iPad Pro is a device that’s really meant to be used at a table or another flat service. […] Because of its size, anywhere I took my iPad Pro, it would have been just as easy to take my MacBook Air. If I was going to go the trouble, I personally would have preferred to have my Mac.

The size of the iPad Pro as also a problem in using it in client meetings. I didn’t care for the feel of the keyboard cover, and I found typing directly on the glass to be a clunky experience.


I personally found using the Apple Pencil more fatiguing compared to pen and paper and the handwriting was generally less clear on the iPad than on paper. I think this was due to having less friction and having to apply more pressure to control the pencil than compared with pen and paper.

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