Friday, March 18, 2016

Stale “Purchased From” in Apple’s Receipt E-mails

Zac Hall (May 2015):

You may notice a new look on those digital receipts you get in your email inbox after you buy something from iTunes, iBooks, or the App Store. Apple has refreshed its invoices with a new design, friendlier subject line, and cover art images that are clearer on Retina displays.


Perhaps more importantly, the new invoice format includes a description of what device the purchase originated from, which could be handy in tracking down suspicious purchases or knowing who in the family made all of those in-app purchases.

This is a great idea marred by the fact that it doesn’t actually show the correct device. The e-mails show every purchase made on my iPhone as from “mjt 5s,” the name for the phone that I erased and sold last fall. The first time I noticed this, I was momentarily worried because it looked as though someone had used my retired phone to break into my Apple ID account. But it seems to be just a display glitch. My new phone’s name shows up correctly everywhere else: iTunes, iCloud, and on the phone itself.

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Interesting, I went and checked the recent emails and everything looks good

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