Friday, March 18, 2016

Game Center Is Still Broken After Six Months

Craig Grannell (via Josh Centers):

When iOS 9 hit beta last summer, I heard concerns from developers about Game Center. Never Apple’s most-loved app, it had seemingly fallen into a state of disrepair. In many cases, people were reporting it outright failed to work.

Six months later, little has changed. If anything, Game Center has gotten worse, with major problems increasingly widespread. These include the Game Center app launching as a white screen, and Game Center freezing the Settings app when you try to access its options.

Nick Heer:

As Grannell points out, this doesn’t just affect leaderboards — Game Centre is the underlying architecture for many turn-based games in the App Store.

Federico Viticci:

I’ve also come across this problem and heard about it from MacStories readers and game developers.

The TouchArcade forum has a thread about this with 575 posts.

See also: lots of snarky comments about driving Game Center over to Craig’s house.

Update (2016-03-18): Rene Ritchie:

Lack of a core built-in iOS app using it has always been extremely concerning.

Craig Hockenberry:

They even had a game that could have used Game Center, but it got pulled instead.

Why would you want to dogfood an app in the most popular category in your App Store?

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