Monday, February 29, 2016

3 Months to Build, 3 Months of App Store Rejections

Federico Zanetello (via Indie Weekly):

The App Store Review 3.1 Guideline is as clear as it gets: this rejection is completely my fault.


My app doesn’t let the user generate any content: it just lets you enjoy Twitter’s content (where you can report/flag/block anything/anyone you want).

Even if I were to implement what I was asked to, Stream uses only real time data, it would be of no use to the app itself.


I like to have as little UI elements as possible: since these in-App Purchases can be “re-bought” for free, I didn’t implement a Restore button.


The reviewer (I assume, newly employed) was using an iPad and was claiming that he couldn’t pass the Twitter authorization screen: that’s the screen that shows up when you launch Stream for the first time.

The problem was not very clear because of the Reviewer’s inaccurately cropped screenshots and ambiguous messages.

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