Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Futility of Pleasing All Users

Khoi Vinh:

This is a fine idea, but when I upgraded, I was surprised to find that the new “All Vaults” view is the default view. Even when I selected a specific vault as my preferred view, the next time I launch 1Password from my browser it would revert to the “All Vaults” view. I found this very irritating. This change struck me as wrongheaded—it flies right in the face of how I use vaults, as I prefer to keep each group of passwords segregated from the others.

That was my reaction as well.

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I have three vaults: Personal, Makalu and Archives. I use Archives instead of trashing entries, just in case I might need them again some day. I appreciate that All Vaults allows me to search Personal and Makalu together, but I hate that Archives is included as well. My preference would be to have the ability to exclude vaults from the "All Vaults" view.

Do I have a vault? If i am searching for a password I don't want to care about different places... The computer should support me in searching, not asking me questions where to search. Indeed, different people, different kind of use...

@Matt That’s a good idea for handling old entries. Right now I am leaving them in the main vault but tagging them and marking them not to show up in the browser.

@Matt: There is a preference for excluding vaults from All Vaults.

Also, from the latest beta:

We added a preference that allows you to control which vault is opened when you unlock the app.

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