Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Unexpected iCloud Music Library Downloads

Kirk McElhearn:

This weekend, I wanted to add some music to the cloud, so I grabbed a bunch of files from my main library and added them to the MacBook’s library. I was very surprised to notice later that most of them had automatically downloaded to my iPad. The device had no music on it at all; now it shows 3.9 GB of music.


I later noticed that the same music was downloaded to my iPod touch, for a total of about 8 GB. I don’t have a bandwidth cap, but if I did, I’d be mighty unhappy. Also, if I were using an iPhone, and it was set to allow cellular downloads, I’d be irate.

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Tom Harrington

I've had that happen recently. The first symptom is usually my iPad telling me that I'm almost out of space. On investigation it always turns out that there's suddenly a bunch of music on it that I just added to my library, but didn't ask to download.

maybe automatic downloads is enabled on that device in settings?

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