Sunday, November 29, 2015

Using the Old Remote and Keyboard With Apple TV 4

Rob Griffiths:

Yes, that’s the third-gen Apple TV’s password entry screen, on my fourth-gen Apple TV. Just how did I get it to appear? Very easily, though it took me a bit to figure out exactly how I did it. Here’s how:

To use the old-style password entry screen on the new Apple TV, wake the Apple TV using the old silver remote, and don’t touch the new Siri remote.

Rob Griffiths:

On the Apple TV, what I found is that regardless of method used (i.e. grid or line), the silver remote is both faster and more accurate than the Siri (black) remote. After discarding the Siri remote, I was notably faster using the silver remote with the grid layout than with the line layout.

The other thing to notice is that I only had accuracy issues with the Siri remote. The first time I tried to enter my password for this test, it took me three tries to get my password correct. The 2:59 time shown for the “grid” line is the total of all three times (0:47, 0:57, and 1:15). I then tried again, going very slowly to make sure I didn’t make a mistake, which is the 1:41 time shown on the last row. I had no accuracy issues with the silver remote, regardless of line or grid data entry style.

Of course, it would be better still to be able to use the Remote app for typing.

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Update (2015-11-29): Lee Bennett:

I’ve actually had great accuracy with the Siri remote. People forget the 4 edges can be tapped (not clicked) for arrow keys.

Update (2015-11-30): Ángel Domínguez:

If only the new remote wasn’t triggered by events as slight as the flapping wings of a passing fly.

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I got the new Apple TV on launch day, and so far the only meaningful advantage of the new remote is scrubbing through videos that have scrubbing thumbnails. Everything else about the remote, especially navigation, is more cumbersome and prone to error.

Love my Apple TV. Hate the Remote and the lack of an iOS Remote app for typing.

Honestly, has anyone met anyone who liked the new remote? Heck, I'd settle for merely ambivalent. I can't imagine anyone liking it. I don't know how this made it out of Apple's testing labs. Everyone I know despises it.

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