Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Inside Apple’s Perfectionism Machine

Lance Ulanoff interviews Phil Schiller:

Some like to call it the “Speaktenna.” The black strip along the back edge of the MacBook speakers is a never-before-tried combination of speakers and antennas for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s a fairly ingenious bit of space-saving technology that teardown artists ignored.


“The most common scenario is simply that what we got from a supplier basically has been created so uniquely for Apple that implying it’s an off-the-shelf part like others may get would be really misleading,” Schiller said. “So it’s best not to even talk about the source because that implies things that aren’t true.”


This battery design, spread over six separate pieces connected by flexible wire, is all Apple. Each module has layers of varying sizes, so as the space narrows in the chassis, the battery shape can, too.


“There are endless numbers of stats out there, you can quote any of them to tell any story, but the number that closest reflects what we all experience and see as we travel around is actually a U.S. market share approaching 25 percent,” he said. “That closer reflects what we see when we go to the airport, when we go to the coffee shop, when we go to schools. You increasingly are seeing more Macs than PCs.”


He also rejects the idea that there’s a growing market for hybrids, or, to be more specific, laptops with touch screens that also happen to be tablets.

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I'm looking forward for the next article where they talk about the Mac Pro…

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