Thursday, July 16, 2015

Feeder 3.0

Steve Harris:

It’s now possible to share Feeder’s library with cloud services such as iCloud Drive and Dropbox by placing the library folder in the appropriate location, thanks to a new library format — there is a new Move Library command in the Feeder menu to do that for you. Feeder automatically updates as soon as it detects a change has been made.


With this release, I have decided to stop offering Feeder for sale on the Mac App Store, so can offer the same upgrade deal to all customers, along with the fastest updates and best service I can possibly provide.

See also: BBEdit Leaving the Mac App Store.

Update (2015-08-14): Steve Harris (comments):

Even though not all my sales go through the App Stores, Apple’s 30% cut far exceeds what I pay the UK government in Income Tax and National Insurance each year, and for that I get things like healthcare, pension, education, transport, emergency services, defence, etc. To think of it another way, if I add up all the money they’ve taken since the store’s launch in 2011, it could pay my rent for almost 7 years.

FastSpring, who process my direct sales, take 10%. They don’t promote or review the apps, host downloads and so on, but they do handle things like regional sales taxes and allow the developer to know who their customers are, process refunds, etc. Developers in business before the Mac App Store know firsthand that you can do it cheaper, with more control and flexibility AND provide better service to your customers by selling your apps yourself.

Steve Harris:

Following my post earlier in the week on how Apple’s 30% cut of all Mac App Store sales is threatening the very existence of this business, I have decided to take action and introduce some transparency to the pricing. If Apple wants a 30% markup to everything they sell through the Mac App Store, that should be obvious.

Yes, Apple does allow the Mac App Store price to be higher than the direct price.

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