Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cmd-Number Shortcuts for Safari 9

Daniel Jalkut:

In Safari 8 and earlier, keyboard shortcuts combining the Command key and a number, e.g. Cmd-1, Cmd-2, Cmd-3, would open the corresponding bookmark bar item. So if you arranged your most-frequently-visited sites in the first few bookmark bar slots, you could easily jump to those pages by muscle memory thanks to these shortcuts.

In Safari 9, these shortcuts now switch to any open tabs you have in a Safari window. This will come as a surprise to folks who have gotten used to e.g. using Cmd-1 to quickly jump to e.g. Google News, or Yahoo Stocks.

The implicit shortcuts for bookmark bar items are still available, but you have to add the option key into the mix. So where you used to press Cmd-1, you must now press Cmd-Opt-1.

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When we did the favorites bar in Mail, we decided the command-number shortcuts from Safari were a good idea to use and be consistent with. We even added the control key as a move message modifier. It is disappointing that these are needlessly inconsistent now.

@Jonathan That’s a great feature in Mail. Thanks.

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