Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Font Parsing Vulnerabilities

John Villamil:

During my research into various OS X frameworks I chose to focus on OS X font parsing and spent a week fuzzing and reversing native libraries. This research resulted in six CVEs, five of which are shared between OS X and iOS.

Client side font parsing is often a good target because the file formats are varied and complicated. For example, TrueType comes with its own turing complete instruction set which you can learn more about here. OTF and the less popular PostScript file formats are complex and also supported.

Many of these flaws are the result of using untrusted length values extracted directly from the file without validation. In one example CoreText, a low level font layout framework, the ArabicLookups::AddLookup function (shown below) reads a length value from the memory mapped font file, using it to increment a pointer out of bounds. The pointer is held in the rdi register which is later dereferenced in the ResolveLookup function.

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