Sunday, July 12, 2015

Apple Music: Beats 1 and AirPlay

Kirk McElhearn:

This has to be one of the more ridiculous “features” of Apple Music. A user in my iTunes forum pointed out that he couldn’t play Beats 1 Radio over AirPlay from iTunes on his Mac. I thought this must be wrong, but I tried it. The AirPlay icon is visible in the iTunes toolbar when you’re playing anything else. But when you start playing Beats 1 Radio, it disappears.

Peter Cohen:

If you’re accustomed to streaming music from your Mac to an AirPlay music source like AirPlay-equipped speakers, an Apple TV, or an AirPort Express connected to a speaker system, this might seem like a deal-breaker. But it’s not.

Hopefully the disappearing AirPlay button is just a weird bug that Apple will patch in a forthcoming iTunes update. Until then, there’s a fairly easy workaround. Just bear in mind that this sends all of your Mac’s audio to your AirPlay speaker, not just iTunes.

Paul Kafasis:

Unfortunately, when you tune in to Beats 1 in iTunes on your Mac, you’ll notice that iTunes’ built-in AirPlay sending is not offered. It’s also unavailable for other stations including NPR and ESPN radio. No explanation for this is given, though it’s likely due to licensing issues on Apple’s end. Whatever the cause, Airfoil is here to lend a hand!


Finally, we’ve had users ask us about timed recording of Beats 1. Of course, our audio recorder Audio Hijack can help you there. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t currently provide a tune-able link to the stream, which is what a timed recording requires. Thankfully, it appears that mirrors of the stream are popping up, and you can certainly tune in with those.

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