Tuesday, June 23, 2015

10-Year-Old MySQL Bug

Omer Barnir (via Peter Steinberger):

When rows of a table are updated/deleted indirectly as a result of a foreign key definition on the table, triggers on that table are not executed as required[…]

Wayne Chan:

There is no clean workaround that could achieve this functionality. I appreciate the work that the Mysql has put into this wonderful DBMS, but why not just go a little bit further to make this a complete product? I would really, really appreciate if someone can address this problem, which frankly, is a bug because this makes Mysql non-ACID compliant.

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If you're still using the laughably-bad "MyISAM" tables (and many are), then MySQL was never ACID-compliant.

Still? I remember having to switch from InnoDB to MyISAM because my DB admins couldn't back up InnoDB. And later I had to downgrade again to Oracle. That was back when I used to work for the government.

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