Sunday, June 21, 2015

More Problems With iCloud Photo Library Uploads

Adam C. Engst:

There are no settings to prevent iCloud Photo Library from working over cellular, and while I disabled cellular data for the Photos app, that made no difference. I could turn off cellular data in general (and I did once or twice, but that’s a hard thing to remember every time you leave the house), but by the end of the billing period, AT&T had hit me with $30 of overage charges for two $15 blocks of 1 GB of additional data.

This is shockingly poor design on Apple’s part, and I hope to see it fixed in iOS 9. The entire point of iCloud Photo Library is to transfer huge quantities of image data, and it’s disrespectful for Apple not to provide a switch to prevent iCloud Photo Library from chewing through cellular data.

Meanwhile, there are issues with Aperture and Mac OS X 10.11:

  • Importing RAW files may cause the app to quit unexpectedly.

  • The Aperture workspace may disappear occasionally. To bring back the workspace, click on the Aperture icon in the dock.

  • Some Sony RAW images may not appear correctly.

  • Dismissing certain dialogs may cause the workspace to become unresponsive and require a force quit and relaunch.

  • Aperture may quit unexpectedly when attempting to print photos. The Photos app can be used to print instead.

Maybe these will be fixed before the release, but Aperture is probably a relatively low priority right now. The downside to Apple’s pace is that the old stuff stops working before the new stuff is fully ready.

Update (2015-06-22): Glenn Fleishman:

I have a pile of emails from readers with import problems, even weeks in and after the micro-update from Apple for Photos. Joe Dodd’s is typical: “I can’t get my iPhoto library to finish moving to photos. It freezes up the entire Mac at 11 to 15 percent completion. The Mac is older, but now I don’t know what to do.”


Unfortunately, this appears to be the new default and unchangeable behavior in Photos. If you select a photo and the Edit > Copy menu is available (which is typically is), Photos automatically downsamples to 1024 pixels maximum in the longest dimension in my test.

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I suspect the nature of the bugs will determine how much effort they put on it. There's a good chance that if it causes problems for Aperture it will for other apps too and are likely a bug. The fact Apple highlighted on the problems page the Aperture issues may indicate they will fix it.

I certainly hope so since Photos isn't ready for prime time yet. I don't want to use Google Photos and loose my metadata (plus Google Photos also has problems). I was hoping to wait a while for Photos to mature before deciding what to do.

At a minimum Photos has to have some way to to deal with two Apple IDs and unifying libraries. I'm sure mine is not the only family where we want one library but to still have spouses with different Apple IDs. (I'd even be happy just to be able to use my Apple ID *just* for Photos on OS X and iOS)

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