Thursday, June 18, 2015

Editorial 1.2

Gabe Weatherhead:

Now you can manage tasks in Editorial like a boss. Editorial provides built-in support for the TaskPaper format with handling of projects, tag highlighting and completing tasks for files saved with the .taskpaper extension. The iPhone version now has feature parity of the task management features, including check boxes and drag handles to move tasks up and down a list.

First, jump into the Editorial preferences and make a few tweaks. Editorial will highlight lines with user configured tags.


This is an Editorial script that I use many times a day. I’ve added it as an action on almost all of my Taskpaper macros. The script processes every line of the Taskpaper looking for @due tags that contain dates with the format YYYY-MM-DD and evaluating those against today’s date. If the date is equal to or less than today, it changes the tag to @today.


Document Templates in Editorial 1.2 are really just macros that execute before you open a document. Out of the box, there are some simple templates that create new documents with different file extensions. But this is the least a template can do.

Editorial (App Store) is my favorite iOS text editor. There’s also a new feature for highlighting all occurrences of a word at once.

Update (2015-06-22): Gabe Weatherhead:

If you use it as much as I do, you may find these additional macros useful. Editorial is a means for working with text and often it can seem like a heavy IDE that requires a huge time investment. Most of the macros below are simple or use basic “actions” in a logical way.

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