Friday, June 5, 2015

Yahoo Pipes Shuts Down


Pipes creation will not be supported as of Aug. 30 this year. Pipes infrastructure will run until Sept. 30, 2015 in read-only mode to help developers migrate their data. Please visit for additional details.

Yahoo Pipes Blog (comments):

You can download your Pipe definition by specifying your Pipe-ID (_id) and the output format (_out=json) to the following end-point:

Pedro Valente:

Before the creation of YQL, there was another product, called Yahoo! Pipes. This product provided much of the conceptual framework that became essential to come up with YQL. It was also very important because the real-world experience with users ended up exposing the need for a more advanced approach to the “Unix pipes for the web” initiative.

Update (2015-06-11): Rui Carmo:

In case you’re looking for a partial replacement, pipe2py works for a couple of my simple pipes.

Dave Winer:

I wondered what will happen to the people who follow feeds produced by Yahoo Pipes? Yahoo doesn’t say they’ll provide free redirection, but it would be good for the web if they did. However, even if they did provide redirection, where would people redirect to? Because Yahoo was a big company people trusted and their service was free, little if any competition developed for Yahoo Pipes. Either way, it’s a clear example of why it’s not good to depend on free commercial services to form critical parts of your content infrastructure.

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