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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Predictable Date Formatting

Daniel Jalkut:

That “HH” is supposed to reflect the hour as a zero-padded number between 00 and 23. And it does, or at least it has, ever since I started using this formatting string in MarsEdit eight years ago.

Starting very recently, I think with 10.10.3, NSDateFormatter may return a string formatted for the user’s 12-hour clock preference, and with a troubling “am” or “pm” component embedded within.

I don’t think I saw this problem because my date formatters like this were configured to use the “en_US” locale. However, Jalkut points out that even better is to use “en_US_POSIX”.

Update (2015-05-28): Ali Rantakari:

My @fauxpasapp can help find/detect cases like this and suggests `en_US_POSIX`.

10 Days With the Apple Watch

Kirk McElhearn:

There’s one other small feature I had expected to use on the Apple Watch, and that’s the ability to control music playback from either an iPhone, or from the watch itself. I have Bluetooth headphones that I use when walking, and the idea of not needing to take out my iPhone to control music – when I want to skip tracks, or find something else to listen to – seemed like a nice feature.

In theory. In practice, it’s not very usable, and I quickly found myself taking my phone out anyway. The controls are well-designed to skip tracks, to play and pause, and to change the volume (you can use the digital crown for the latter). But the lag is annoying, and the amount of information you see on the display is limited.

On Performance Reviews

Landon Dyer (via John Gordon):

I quit Microsoft over two years ago, and it took a whole year to get some perspective (I wrote a lot of this soon after quitting, and I’m quite happy I never published it; many of the paragraphs simply did a crescendo into incoherent ASCII screams of frustration and anger). I think that many of Microsoft’s technical failures in the last decade can be root caused in a review system that rewarded bad behavior, put the wrong people in positions of power, mis-identified the people that Microsoft should have kicked out, and caused the wrong people to get sick of things and leave. Maybe the new review system does the job; I keep hearing good things.

Many Levels of Rejection

Frank A. Krueger:

Submitting apps to the App Store is filled with many wonderful opportunities to be rejected. Let’s count them!