Saturday, May 2, 2015

Video Interview With Mark Alldritt

Ray Robertson (via Brent Simmons):

“Why on earth would anyone want to script a drawing program?” I’ll admit that was my first thought when years ago I heard about a plug-in to add AppleScript support to Adobe Illustrator. I could understand how scripting support was essential for page layout programs. But Illustrator was a program for creating art, involving many design decisions that only a graphic artist could make.

I wasn’t alone in that thinking. In this interview, Mark Alldritt of Late Night Software recounts the story behind adding scripting support to Illustrator and getting people interested[…]


Most of my Illustrator projects have been developed under non-disclosure agreements since my clients consider Illustrator scripting to be such an important competitive advantage.


Besides the money, work on the plug-in led Mark to develop the basis of one of Script Debugger’s best features: The Dictionary Explorer. Because he was “too lazy” to write scripts to test all functions, he needed a live way to look at an AppleScript dictionary.

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