Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sunlit and Safari

Manton Reece:

Sunlit 1.3 is a little delayed because it was rejected by Apple for opening Safari to let the user sign in. We’ve appealed the rejection. See also: Craig Hockenberry’s post on why it’s a security risk to use embedded web views.

As far as I can tell, Apple’s store guidelines do not actually document this rule, which is perhaps why Hockenberry referred to it as “Apple’s current App Review policy.”

Update (2015-02-06): Manton Reece:

After a week hanging around in Apple’s Resolution Center, Sunlit 1.3 was approved and went live in the App Store last night.

I’m not sure if I convinced them of anything. :-) But yes, it was approved and went live in the store without further comment. The process is mysterious… I may still change the app later if it’s ever rejected for this again.

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