Sunday, February 1, 2015

1Password 5.2 for iOS and 5.1 for Mac

Agile Bits:

For our Pro feature owners, let’s start with a new One-Time Password tool. This helps you sign into a growing number of services (like Amazon and Tumblr) that support a secondary, randomized password for that extra… je ne sais quoi. You can learn more about One-Time Passwords at

It’s nice to not have to rely on Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication. Plus, 1Password’s data is easier to back up and sync. Google Authenticator has the advantage of larger digits that (in recent versions) are separated into two groups with a hyphen. Given that my QR code images are already stored in 1Password, you would think there would be a way to import them directly, but it was easy enough to aim the phone’s camera at 1Password on my Mac.

Agile Bits:

In short, we completely overhauled how you manage sync for your primary and secondary vaults to save you time. In Preferences > Sync, you can now view all your vaults and how they sync, and change sync methods with a click.

This is much nicer, although you still cannot edit the color or icon for a secondary vault after creating it.

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I use the Duo Mobile app to generate 2FA codes. The new feature in 1Password works, however, it takes IMHO too much time to log into the app to generate the 2FA codes.

I hear the argument that AgileBits makes about 1Password being "almost" as secure as using a separate app for OTPs, but it still doesn't feel quite right to me.

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