Tuesday, November 25, 2014

RaceSplitter Rejected for Slide to Start

Matt Henderson:

In RaceSplitter, we use a slider labeled “Slide to Start Race” as the UI control for starting the race timer. This was introduced three years ago, in response to users inadvertently starting races when the control was a simple button. (Our customers appreciated this change, since, when staring at 500 participants on a start line, it’s all too easy to accidentally tap a start button.)

So three years and 13 versions later, Apple are now rejecting the app with the claim that this control could cause user confusion vis-a-vis the UI control that Apple used to use to unlock devices in versions of iOS predating iOS 7.

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I'm always wondering in such cases whether the "review board" is not just confirming the decisions not to make it look like there are incompetent people paid to review the applications.

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