Friday, September 19, 2014

Minor 10.9.4 OS Update Breaks LabelWriter

Ted Landau:

The end result is that a functioning printer is headed for the garbage heap (or perhaps to a Windows user) because Dymo is unable or unwilling to fix a software incompatibility. And it cost me $100 to replace a printer that ought to still be usable.

My LabelWriter 330 used to Just Work. Now it sort of “works” with 10.9.5. It can indeed still print, but lately it’s been unreliable. Often, the job queue will pause itself right after I print. Manually resuming it causes half the label to be printed, thus ruining the label. Usually it will thereafter work for a bunch of labels in a row.

Update (2016-11-18): It works if I connect it directly to the Mac rather than via a USB hub.

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