Saturday, September 13, 2014

Larger Screens, But Not for Macs

Jeff Johnson:

If Apple is willing to give us a bigger screen on the iPhone, will they once again please ship a 17 inch MacBook Pro?

Having a larger screen on my MacBook Pro would make me much more productive. The normal 15-inch resolution just doesn’t show very much content. The 1900×1200 shows a lot, though less than my desktop setup, but it is tiring on the eyes.

When traveling, if the available Wi-Fi doesn’t block the port, I supplement with my iPad mini via Air Display (App Store). Unfortunately, there is (according to Avatron) a bug in the OS that prevents MacBook Pros from outputting at HiDPI resolutions. So Air Display can only run the iPad at full Retina resolution (way too small to read) or at a blurry 1024×768.

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