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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Editorial 1.1.1 Rejected From the App Store

Federico Viticci:

Apple rejects Editorial update for a feature that’s been there since August 2013 with version 1.0? Come on, guys.

I mean, I’m pretty sure Apple knows about this app.

Ole Zorn shows the response from App Review:

It would be appropriate to remove this feature from your app or to re-evaluate the concept of your app.

So he removed the ability to download .py files from Dropbox, since that runs afoul of rule 2.7:

Apps that download code in any way or form will be rejected.

So before you get too pleased with how different WWDC 2014 was, remember that Apple is still at war with computer science. Hopefully, they won’t figure out that my notes for WWDC, which include some lines of code, are downloaded from a .txt data file on Dropbox…

Update (2014-06-09): Daniel Jalkut started a conversation about this on Twitter.

Update (2014-06-11): Edge Cases (starting at 41:45) discusses the positive changes at WWDC as being personality driven and a response to competitive threats, rather than a shift in Apple’s beliefs.

Update (2014-06-16): Jesper:

But so much for wanting a theoretical open platform. Apple announced and demonstrated that it’s ready to treat developers better, and it followed it up by announcing and demonstrating that this quest is incompatible by their current methods by rejecting apps that they already have for features that they didn’t just add for breaking rules that they’re not breaking.