Monday, May 26, 2014

Counterparts Lite 1.0

Michel Fortin announces Counterparts Lite (Mac App Store):

Counterparts Lite is a full editor for string tables. It lets you add, reorder, and erase entries in the string table. It also permits comments anywhere and has plenty of keyboard shortcuts so you can keep your hands on the keyboard. Counterparts Lite can open binary (compiled) string tables too.

For translators there’s a side-by-side view where you choose a reference file. The edited file will then follow the same structure as the reference. Translating becomes a job of filling the holes. If there is only a few holes they’re easy to find using the filter control at the top.

I wish it supported XLIFF files. This is the first app I’ve seen with an 8-hour trial period.

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But it's a *renewable* 8-hour trial period. I don't really mind if you request a new trial code twice a day for a whole year, but if you mind then you buy it. :-)

XLIFF... it's a much more featurefull format, with named groups, inline elements (content markup), and it allows extension XML elements and attributes. I could probably support a subset of that within the current document model. Or maybe you just want import/export options?

@Michel Sorry for not mentioning that. It’s an interesting idea. I’ll be interested to see how it works.

I just use a flat XLIFF format with elements like:

<trans-unit id="ShouldRemoveWordFromCorpusTitleSingular">
    <source>Delete Word</source>
    <target>단어 삭제</target>

I like it better than strings tables because it can store both the ID and the source text, and comments aren’t a hack.

So, your workflow includes a conversion from XLIFF to string tables at some point? How does that work?

@Michel I wrote a little tool with NSXMLDocument that converts back and forth, although as I recall ibtool now has built-in support for XLIFF.

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