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Monday, May 19, 2014

iDraw 2.4

Version 2.4 of Indeeo’s iDraw (Mac App Store) adds support for code generation:

Copy vector shapes and effects directly as Core Graphics drawing code. Convert fully-styled buttons and icons into CGContext code, automatically generating CGPaths, CGColors, CGGradients, etc. Directly use the generated code in both Mac and iOS projects.

Even convert multi-style text objects into CFAttributedStrings, along with Core Text layout and drawing code.

Now you can turn app design mockups instantly into readily useable code.

Extended Type Info in Objective-C

Nicolas Bouilleaud:

What? Nil objects don’t have a class; they’re just nil pointers. _ivarDescription prints the expected class of the instance variable, as specified in the source code.

In fact, the compiler stores extended type info in the binary. That’s really weird: Objective-C treats all objects equals, as ids, and will not complain when assigning an object of a class to a pointer of a different type. I always assumed that class info was lost at runtime; it turns out that’s not true.


As with ivars, methods arguments expect objects of a specific class, and this information is embedded in the binary. For some reason, it’s only available for methods declared in Protocols, and the public runtime API won’t let us access it, but the private function _protocol_getMethodTypeEncoding() will do.

Maybe someday the runtime will be able to access annotations, too…

FCC Moves Ahead with Internet “Fast Lanes”

Geoff Duncan:

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says the proposed rules are all about preserving net neutrality. However, in practice the proposed regulations are trying to walk a fine line between net neutrality principles and the business concerns of American broadband providers. And while everyone seems to think net neutrality is a good idea — publicly, at least — almost everybody also seems to hope the FCC’s latest effort will fail.