Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quantus Tasks

Matthew Guay:

No, the Omni Group hasn’t decided to go cross platform and release their apps for Android, but yes, there’s now a way to get your OmniFocus database on Android: Quantus Tasks. A brand new app that was originally named AndroidFocus that was quickly renamed to avoid confusion, Quantas Tasks lets you view all of your OmniFocus projects and tasks on your Android device, add new tasks, and more. It doesn’t support attachments or recurring tasks yet, but the developer’s promised to add that soon.

This is possible because of the open file format that OmniFocus uses. Now I’m no longer sure which app I’d miss the most if I switched to Android.

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"Now I’m no longer sure which app I’d miss the most if I switched to Android."

Apple Maps?

For me, the iPhone app I found no replacement for was Timer. But that's the beauty of Android: I installed Tasker and Zoom, and made myself an Android widget that replicated the Timer features I needed. Of course, now I can't go back to iOS, because that kind of power is something that nothing on iOS can possibly replace.

@Lukas I’d like to check out Timer to see what you’re referring to, but I can’t seem to find it in the App Store. Did you mean Timer+?

I meant the one from David Barnard, this one: http://contrast.co/timer/

Basically, you can set up a grid of timers you often need, and start one by tapping it. It's a perfect fit for how I use timers, and I was unable to find anything even remotely similar on Android.

@Lukas Aha, it looks like that’s called @Timer in the store. That does look really useful. Thanks.

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