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Instapaper 5.2 and Highlights


Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve shipped text highlighting across all of our platforms — iOS, Android, and web! Now you can just select some text and choose the “Highlight” option to save those great quotes you find while reading.

In true Instapaper fashion, your highlights are seamlessly synced across all of your devices. We’ve also added the option for you to post automatically your highlights to your linked accounts.

You get five free highlights per month if you haven’t subscribed. Highlighting is supported in the API. Two features I hope they will add are:

What’s the Difference Between a Font and a Typeface?

John Brownlee:

This is where we get the terms typeface and font. In the example above, Garamond would be the typeface: It described all of the thousands of metal blocks a printer might have on hand and which had been designed with the same basic design principles. But a font was something else entirely. A font described a subset of blocks in that very typeface--but each font embodied a particular size and weight. For example, bolded Garamond in 12 point was considered a different font than normal Garamond in 8 point, and italicized Times New Roman at 24 point would be considered a different font than italicized Times New Roman at 28 point.