Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Frax for iOS

Frax (App Store: iPhone, iPad) from Kai Krause et al. (via Michael Yacavone):

20 years ago this team created a fractal explorer called ‘Frax’ and became curious “What could we do on an iPhone today?“

The reborn Frax, now orchestrating new algorithms in an intricate dance between CPU and GPU is literally… 400 times faster!

Totally immersive in realtime you can now zoom into more than a trillion-to-one depth range of the classic Mandelbrot set and, for the first time ever, the more self-similar Julia sets can be zoomed… infinitely!

The rendering and interactivity are striking. It also has an interesting use of In-App Purchase:

The Frax Cloud is the online counterpart of the Frax app. The cloud provides access to the Frax Render Farm, which is used to create high resolution images from your Frax presets at a much higher quality and size than is possible from within the app.

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