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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bee Beta’s Bee, now in beta (via Hoà V. Dinh):

Bee is a connected task tracker for the Mac. It currently syncs with GitHub Issues, JIRA and FogBugz.

There’s also a local plugin which makes Bee behave like a traditional GTD or task manager application.

I’m still hoping to find a Mac client that I like better than the FogBugz Web site. This beta is still pretty rough, but it shows promise. It downloaded my cases quickly, and the interface, though non-traditional, feels smoother than some other clients I’ve tried. It also has easy integration with FogBugz’s timesheet, with a “start” button on each case and a menu bar widget that shows the current case and what you’ve worked on recently.

Making Money with In-App Purchases

Riccardo D’Antoni:

Making money with in-app purchases boils down to one question – why do we buy things?

I’ll give you a hint – it’s mostly about satisfying emotional and psychological needs. If you can understand how people think, you’ve got a leg up in your app – and that’s what this article is all about!

Or, if you’re using an app with IAP, you can see how you’re being manipulated.

Twitter and Synchrony

Miguel Rios and my former classmate Jimmy Lin recently published a paper titled “Visualizing the ‘Pulse’ of World Cities on Twitter”:

These examples aren’t new or noteworthy on their own, of course; we already understand these events. What is remarkable is that we can observe these phenomena just by analyzing Tweets from people around the world –– a method that can teach us more over time about humanity, countries and their cultures.