Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Unsustainable Productivity

Chris Adamson:

Moreover, what if Apple got serious about purging dead apps? There are already apps that don’t even run in iOS 6 — my kids are bummed that Jelly Car 2 crashes at launch on iOS 6, and it’s appalling that Disney Mobile still offers it for sale without fixing it — and it’s likely that more will break in iOS 7. And many of those that don’t break will look like ass on the new OS, particularly those that tried to create their own UI elements to resemble the earlier iOS appearance.

Apple likely wouldn’t want the PR hit of the number of apps in store going down instead of up, but it would likely be healthy for the app ecosystem as a whole for Apple to eject apps that don’t target iOS 7 by, say, this time next year. Apple already has minimum requirements for updates, but that practice overlooks abandoned apps.

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