Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dropbox Chooser, Saver, and Datastore

Marcus Wohlsen:

With its new Chooser and Saver options — the first of a planned family of features the company calls Drop-ins — developers can make Dropbox the “open” and “save” windows in their apps. (For now, the Chooser is available for iOS, Android, web, and mobile web. The Saver is just available for the web and mobile web to start, with other platforms to follow).

Here are the blog posts about the Chooser, Saver, and Datastore.

The Datastore API provides a new model for storing and syncing data beyond files. When you use datastores, you don’t have to build a complicated sync engine from scratch — you can add the power of Dropbox into your app in a snap!

Unlike with iCloud, there is a Web interface where you can look at your tables and rows on the server to help with development and debugging.

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