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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NSA-proof Your E-mail in 2 Hours

Drew Crawford:

Today we kill your excuses. Because I’m going to show you exactly how to do it, it’s going to take about two hours to set up, and it’s a “set it and forget it” kind of setup. Not only that, but it is actually going to be better than GMail, from a purely features perspective. It might surprise you to learn that people continue to develop email server software in a post-Google-apps world, and that the state of self-hosted is much better than you remember.

However, the e-mail is probably still moving between servers in cleartext, and also stored on the servers of your correspondents. You could use PGP, but:

For those who seek to preserve their privacy by encrypting their communications, in effect shielding themselves from the ominipresent “Eye”, the gloves come off and they can be declared non-U.S. citizens for purposes of sidestepping any pesky “Constitutional” restrictions

Google Reader Apocalypse

Jamie Zawinski:

Currently everyone and their mother is scrambling to write some new web-based replacement for Google Reader, but I don’t want that, even a little bit. I want a pair/trio of apps that synchronize. I have no interest in reading my feeds through a web site (no more than I would tolerate reading my email that way, like an animal).

I have yet to find a mobile RSS reader that feels fast enough, so I’d be happy with just an updated version of NetNewsWire 3 that doesn’t sync, but which fixes a few longstanding bugs.