Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Know When Apple Finally Gets iCloud Right

Gus Mueller:

Start with an assumption that it’s going to break, and break hard. Give developers tools to analyze and clean things up. Apple gives us pretty great tools for debugging and improving code running on our local machines. We need the server side equivalent of that.

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Seems to me like answer #3 is the real weathervane to know which way the wind blows...

@Chucky The flaw I see with #3 is that doc syncing isn’t really appropriate for most of Apple’s apps. And they may actually be using it with iWork now, but what does that prove?

[...] There’s folder syncing via the Finder with the status in the menubar (like Dropbox), an API for developers (better than Dropbox’s), support for multiple users (unlike iCloud), and the files can be stored on Mac OS X Server or a host that supports WebDAV. Since it’s open-source and the files are directly accessible on the server, it should be much more debuggable than iCloud. [...]

[…] How to Know When Apple Finally Gets iCloud Right […]

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