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Monday, May 20, 2013

iTunes 11.0.3 MiniPlayer

Kirk McElhearn:

Apple released a minor update to iTunes last week (11.0.3), with, uncommonly, tweaks to a couple of features that are very welcome. The first I want to point out is the MiniPlayer[…]

The Tumblr Architecture

Todd Hoff:

Tumblr started as a fairly typical large LAMP application. The direction they are moving in now is towards a distributed services model built around Scala, HBase, Redis, Kafka, Finagle, and an intriguing cell based architecture for powering their Dashboard. Effort is now going into fixing short term problems in their PHP application, pulling things out, and doing it right using services.

How to Know When Apple Finally Gets iCloud Right

Gus Mueller:

Start with an assumption that it’s going to break, and break hard. Give developers tools to analyze and clean things up. Apple gives us pretty great tools for debugging and improving code running on our local machines. We need the server side equivalent of that.