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Name Mangler 3

Name Mangler, Many Tricks’ excellent batch file renamer, has been updated to version 3. The new version is much faster and can apparently even undo a renaming, though that should rarely be necessary since it offers such great previewing. There’s also a version in the Mac App Store, which due to sandboxing removes the feature for integrating with Path Finder.

Update (2013-03-01): Peter Maurer:

In this case though, we’ve demonstrated that not only did we not steal, but that any theft may have very well been the other way around: Renamer 4′s “new” interface bears a striking resemblance to one we’ve been using since 2005. But honestly, we don’t care—we like competing on features, performance, and ease of use instead of with legal threats.


Yay! Snowy support!

I'm a customer and fan of v2, and v3 seems a no-brainer upgrade.

Hello, I'm from Argentina and I need a little help to make a task in Name Mangler. I want to change the order in which my MP3 files are named: ARTIST - SONG to SONG - ARTIST ... It must be very simple but I can't figure how to do it. Many thanks in advance, greetings

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