Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Name Mangler 3

Name Mangler, Many Tricks’ excellent batch file renamer, has been updated to version 3. The new version is much faster and can apparently even undo a renaming, though that should rarely be necessary since it offers such great previewing. There’s also a version in the Mac App Store, which due to sandboxing removes the feature for integrating with Path Finder.

Update (2013-03-01): Peter Maurer:

In this case though, we’ve demonstrated that not only did we not steal, but that any theft may have very well been the other way around: Renamer 4′s “new” interface bears a striking resemblance to one we’ve been using since 2005. But honestly, we don’t care—we like competing on features, performance, and ease of use instead of with legal threats.

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Yay! Snowy support!

I'm a customer and fan of v2, and v3 seems a no-brainer upgrade.

Hello, I'm from Argentina and I need a little help to make a task in Name Mangler. I want to change the order in which my MP3 files are named: ARTIST - SONG to SONG - ARTIST ... It must be very simple but I can't figure how to do it. Many thanks in advance, greetings

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