Monday, January 7, 2013

Geofencing in Flickr

Dr. Drang:

Because I have this pseudonymous presence on the ’net, my reason for keeping certain location data hidden is obvious: I take a lot of photos at home and at work, and although I often want the photos themselves to be public, I don’t want those locations known. And even if you use your real name in your blog or on social media sites, that doesn’t mean you want everyone who sees you photos to know exactly where you live. Geofencing is the solution.

Flickr lets you draw circles on the map to designate areas for which your photos’ location data should be hidden. However, you’ll also need to make sure that you don’t allow the public to download your originals, as the location data is also in the EXIF.

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If you post a lot of pictures, isn't it like using big white pixels over sensitive area in Google maps so that it's easier to find where the sensitive areas are?

@Bob Yes, I think you would need to make extra large geofences to avoid that problem.

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