Monday, December 17, 2012

Apple Maps Rendering

James at Dr. Drang’s site:

To be honest, even if Apple Maps used the same data as Google’s, I wouldn’t use it right now.


How is showing almost all road sizes in the same colour (white) a good idea? Why is peppering the map with big circular points of interest that give a local sandwich shop the same visual priority as a tube station a good idea?

I find that Apple Maps alternately fills the screen with lots of not very important information and (in more rural areas) shows barely anything, omitting important details until I zoom in so far that I can no longer see the big picture.

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That's interesting as I found visual clutter a problem with Google's offering. With the exception of a few poorly chosen poi displays Apple's display seems quite a bit more minimalistic. Also Google adds in details of questionable worth, such as the tanks at the sewage treatment plant in my city. On the other hand Google is much better about displaying small ponds and lakes.

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