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Monday, December 17, 2012

Why I Love Being A Programmer in Louisville

Ernie Miller (via David Heinemeier Hansson):

It’s often said that “time is money,” but nothing could be more misleading. Time is most definitely not money. Some of us have much more of the latter than others, but everyone has the same 24 hours in their day. Therefore, I value my time, and I protect it. When I do decide to “waste” time, I try very hard to do so on my terms. Here, again, Louisville helps me.

Dropbox: The Linchpin

John Gruber (reacting to Warren Ellis):

The scary part though, is that one recurrent theme I see in nearly every single “how I write on the iPad” story is Dropbox. It’s the linchpin in the workflow. Scary, because Dropbox is outside Apple’s control. Scary, because if not for Dropbox, many of these people would not be using their iPads as much as they are. Scary, because Apple’s iCloud falls short of Dropbox.

He says that Apple should buy Dropbox. This might be a good move for Apple, but I doubt it would be good for Dropbox users.

Apple Maps Rendering

James at Dr. Drang’s site:

To be honest, even if Apple Maps used the same data as Google’s, I wouldn’t use it right now.


How is showing almost all road sizes in the same colour (white) a good idea? Why is peppering the map with big circular points of interest that give a local sandwich shop the same visual priority as a tube station a good idea?

I find that Apple Maps alternately fills the screen with lots of not very important information and (in more rural areas) shows barely anything, omitting important details until I zoom in so far that I can no longer see the big picture.

Objective-C Pitfalls

Mike Ash:

The preprocessor splits macro arguments on commas. […] These macros conceptually take a single argument, but they’re declared to take variable arguments to avoid this problem. By taking ... and using __VA_ARGS__ to refer to “the argument”, multiple “arguments” with commas are reproduced in the macro’s output. You can take the same approach to make your own macros safe from this problem, although it only works on the last argument of a multi-argument macro.

NetSpot 2.0

Congratulations to this year’s Macworld Eddy winners. I had not heard of NetSpot before; it sounds useful:

The frustration is immense when you’re dealing with a spotty Wi-Fi connection—especially if that connection is in your own home or business. NetSpot, a software utility for analyzing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks, is an essential tool. It determines the rough location of your base stations, and maps out the strong and weak points of Wi-Fi coverage in a building. You can then use the information to adjust your base stations accordingly, or to figure out where to put Wi-Fi expanders. Even though NetSpot is a networking utility, it uses friendly visual cues to help you understand the collected data.

A Programmer’s Rantings

Steve Yegge has compiled a book based on his blog (via Peter Hosey). The Kindle version is currently free.