Friday, November 30, 2012

iTunes Through the Ages

Jacqui Cheng:

At the time of this release, the iPod had not yet made its public debut—that came later in the year. So those MP3s you were ripping? They were meant to be synced to some other MP3 player, such as those that were available from Creative Labs or Rio.

Look at that brushed metal window with Aqua buttons and a square Close box.

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Probably from Mac OS 9.

@Cf That’s correct. Mac OS X hadn’t been released yet.

I'm absolutely gobsmacked that they've killed CoverFlow. Beyond belief, IMHO.

I'm going to be running some antique hardware and software in a couple of years...

@Chucky Well, from my perspective, CoverFlow was not very useful, and Apple never found it useful enough to create an API for it.

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