Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fantastical for iPhone 1.0

The iPhone version of Fantastical is now available. Like the Mac version, it’s great at creating new events. It also has a great list view. At the top is the DayTicker, a horizontal list of days reminiscent of OmniFocus’s Forecast view, except that it’s scrollable. Below that is an editable list of events. Somehow, even with the DayTicker, it’s able to show more events at once than the built-in Calendar app’s list. The month view also has better information density.

I’m pretty sure that Fantastical will become my go-to iPhone calendar app, however there is one area where Apple’s Calendar is better. Apple’s Calendar app can display the current day number on its home screen icon. Third-party applications aren’t allowed to do this.

See also the articles by Ellis Hamburger and Federico Viticci.

Update (2012-12-02): Dr. Drang notes that there’s no way to get alarm notifications to open Fantastical rather than Calendar. Fortunately, I don’t open events from notifications.

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