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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Source Code Pro

Paul D. Hunt:

Today I’m glad to announce that the complete Source Code family of six weights is ready for primetime and is available through the same channels as Source Sans. You can download the fonts and source files from the Open@Adobe portal on SourceForge. You can clone and fork the project on GitHub. You can also use the fonts on the web through Adobe Edge Web Fonts, Typekit, WebINK, and Google Web Fonts.

Here’s the download page. There are no bitmap versions, so it looks pretty nice on Retina displays but terrible on regular displays at small sizes with font smoothing off.

Update (2012-10-09): John Gruber’s take.

Verizon iPhone 5 Unlocked Thanks to FCC?

James Duncan Davidson:

In a nutshell, for devices that operate in the 700 MHz C block—which Verizon paid $9.4 billion dollars in 2008 for a license to use for their new LTE network—the following paragraph applies…